Mario spent 6 years in the military as a Special Forces airborne soldier and combat engineer. In 1998, he left the military to resume civilian life and to further his education in robotics at École des Technologies Supérieures (ETS) in Montreal. With a keen interest in robotics, and having built many small mobile robots at home, Mario realized the need for a “one stop” e-commerce shop for all things robotic. In 2003, at age 31, while still was studying at university, Mario founded RobotShop. Today, is the World’s Leading Robot Store for Personal and Professional Robot Technology. Mario is again looking toward the future and is exploring new frontiers; he is working on a new initiative called “ Connect your Robots, Reap the Benefits™”. This website is based on the concept of “the Internet of Things” for Robots, or in other words, the birth of “Cloud Robotics”.